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GRRR, so glad that bellsouth is now AT&T

Chat Information Thank you for your patience! An AT&T, sales representative will be with you shortly.
Chat Information You are now chatting with Natasha, an AT&T, sales representative. How may I help you place your online order today?
OMG: OMG please tell your usability specialist that it is in poor taste to have this window pop up multiple times on every page of your orderpath AFTER i have clicked "no"
Natasha: Ok.
OMG: now i am going to call to order my phone because i can't get through your orderpath.
OMG: thanks!
Natasha: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great day.
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Oy. Hopefully you got through via phone all right. My sister had issues with the orderpath, too, if I recall.

Deleted comment

Hahahaha!! I know how you feel!! (this was over the phone)

Me: I'm having a problem with my cable internet service. My service keeps having syncing problems and now that it's synced, I have no upstream.

Them: Okay. What you need to do is cleanse your browser.

Me: The browser has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I have tested with the ping utility as well as connecting to the cable modems built in diagnostic page. I can see on my screen that the signal is low.

Them: You have too many cookies. What you need to do is go into your browser...

Me: That's not going to fix the problem.

Them: I guarantee you that it will fix it.

Me: Alight.

(then they explain how to delete my cookies and my temporary internet files. like I didnt already know.)

Them: Okay, does it work now?

Me: No.

Them: You're a liar! You didn't even follow my instructions did you! (yelling now) IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS AND CAN'T TELL ME THE TRUTH THEN I'M NOT GOING TO HELP YOU!

*comcast hangs up*


Deleted comment

To make it even more fun, they FINALLY (after days of calling and arguing with them) sent someone out to check my signal. Yup! Bad signal. My television was also starting to get a little grainy.

They kept telling me that they thought my house wiring was bad, etc. I asked them how could the house wiring just SUDDENLY go bad when I'd had service there before and that everything was fine previously.

I told the guy that I think the port that my line is plugged into in the cable box outside was bad. He refused to go look saying that there's no way that's what it is.

He left and was going to come back the next day with some more equipment.

Suddenly... my TV got clear and my modem synced. I looked out my window and saw him walking from the back of the apartment.

I went outside and said, "It was a bad port, wasn't it?"

He just kinda lowered his head and said yes.

Bastard :P

Deleted comment

Here's another one.