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I have been filled with the urge to be naughty and outrageous - i don't know if this is a result of feeling so fantastic after that horrible illness last week, or that it is summer, or that i am just a naughty person in general. I keep wanting to take risks and be bold, more so than usual. it is somewhat delicious; there is always such an appeal in doing the atypical, and it truly fills me with a sense of life like nothing else can.

Adrina is starting REAL school this fall. I seriously cannot believe it. Me, the mother of a kindergartner. I can't believe how amazing she is some days; the way that she sees the world and takes in information. She told me very matter-of-factly not too long ago while we were shopping, "Mommy... People are strange... When you're a stranger." She loves Goldfrapp, Trance, Kylie, though does not care for hip hop. She laughs hardest while misbehaving, I wonder where she picked THAT up, HA.

I just want every single day to be amazing and new and exciting. there is so much in this world to touch and see. the wind through my fingers and decisive tickle of a laugh in my throat, sometimes i just think of all i have in the world still to know, the amazing and exciting and new, and i just want to burst from happiness at the prospect.

I never want to lose this perspective, get lost in the bills and reports, or forget that every single second holds unlimited potential.
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