Jubilant Dissension (marynificent) wrote,
Jubilant Dissension



Since I became aware of your tiny presence, you have been the catalyst for everything good I have done in my life. You've taught me more in your short time than I could ever hope for, and you continue to amaze me constantly with everything from the sparkle in your eye to your passion for creating your own language rather than learning Italian. You have taught me that I cannot do for you without doing for myself, and I am a much happier person for having you in my life. I love you so much, and I am so thankful to have someone as incredible as you by my side.

I hope that you always know my love for you is unconditional, my opinion of you will never waiver, and that you can always trust me - above all else. I want to be your champion, your best friend, your mommy, your protector, your educator, your companion, and your hero.

I love you, babydoll, with all of my heart and soul. Happy birthday, today, and always.
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